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 How Do I post A Question on the VAnetworking Forum?
First make sure you are registered as a member and login. You cannot post if you are not logged in.

If you see a pinkish red barbox with this in it then you are not logged in yet:
Welcome Guest ( Log In | Register )

Once logged in your will see your name in the top right hand corner that says the following in:
Logged in as: Tawnya ( Log Out )

Let me explain the forum lingo a bit first. It is made up of Forums with different topics, each topic containing posts. Here's an example:

Virtual Assistant Network Forum - General (This is a forum)
-> Coffee Break Time! (This is a topic of interest)
----> Different threads would go here (These are posts within the above topic as well)

To post a new topic, first choose the forum that interests you, then the topic you want to post in. Click NEW TOPIC button (upper right corner) and type a topic name/heading for your post. Type in your post (questions you have) and then click POST NEW TOPIC. Voila!

If you want to reply to a post already here instead of creating a new one, choose the post you want to reply to and click REPLY button and type your reply. Click ADD REPLY and voila!

For example this is the forum to post all your questions on "HOW TO USE THE FORUM" so feel free to post any questions you have and someone will answer ASAP. Even if you are not a member, this Forum area has been set up to ask questions so non-members may post here.

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